Been a while

The lack of blogging about my cats have been due to an incident. Tolgrie has found another victim this time in Jummy. The wound is so bad I gag when I look at it. It was too upsetting for me to blog about anything. I spent everyday for about 3 weeks diligently cleaning Jummy's wound twice a day. Looking at her suffer broke my heart. They have been kept in separate rooms ever since. Now that Jummy is on the mend ( her wound has patched naturally and her fur is growing back) I am in the mood to blog again! Yay!

That the irritating thing about being a cat parent: You get so angry and fed up you wonder if you will ever want to keep another cat but then the incident pass and you are filled with love again. They give you that look, a look only a pet parent will understand, and you are hooked again. Willingly! Oh well. The joys of them. I shall be posting Jummy's gag worthy journey soon. Till then. Out.

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