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Too pissed off for titles

On a good day, I live in a urinal. On a bad day, it's in a shit hole. Living with even one cat that has an elimination issue is tiring. Cats are very sensitive to smell and if some other cat has sone it out of the box, it's not long before the others start to associate that spot with a toilet. Nothing really works to get rid of the smell. Bleach, vinegar, lemon, baking soda, off the shelf formulas. Coming home after a tiring day of work to an assault to the nose sucks! Enough said. Out.


Where did all the money go?

The cost of having a cat or a few can really add up. Here is a list of things that I spend on and you might end up spending on as well.


1.  The most obvious: CAT FOOD.

 I may scrimp on many things but food and healthcare are not one   of them. I will be absolutely guilt ridden if I don’t provide my cats the best nutrition I can get for them. The commercial pet food industry still has a long way to go. Though there are better commercial cat food  out there, they are expensive. For example, a 2.6kg pack of Wellness core dry cat food is S$60+ at my local store. 

2. -->  Kitties do not know how to use a toilet bowl.  At least not mine, so they need LITTER.

Funny litter commercial

A pack of good clumping sand is about S$10 and will probably last a cat about 2 weeks before you need to change the whole thing. I live with 4 cats and one pack of clamping litter last less than a week! Then, there is a whole host of litter box accessories: litter box, litter scoop, bleach and spray bottle to keep box clean in between changes, litter box liners (optional) etc etc.

3. --> TOYS. 

While this may not seem absolutely necessary, I believe that it is necessary for all living things to have some sort of stimulation through play. Also, those things are so darn cute! Each on their own is pretty affordable but boy do they add up. So far I’ve bought cat trees, cat cusions, made my own cat cusion project, various toys, pet outfits, stretching posts and load of other things I can’t even remember buying.

4. --> Every cat needs a VET at some point of time.

As a new pet, a cat needs check up and vaccination which will be S$100+. After become an adult, sterrilisatoin which cost between S$40 + to S$ 90+ depending on sex. Also keep in mind regular check ups and booster shots.  And pets do fall ill. They may not be able to speak but if you have been a consistent pet parent you will notice any abnormal behaiviour. These can be really expensive. Case in point: Shernie’s lastest episode cost me nearly a thousand bucks!

5.  I love holidays and also travel for work, so this is a frequent necessity for me. PET BOARDING and PET SITTING.  IF you have family and friends that can help you look after you cat while you are not around, yay for you.

They can't camp out at the park while you are gone.

6. --> ACCESSORIES like cat carriers, collars, harnesses, food containers and bowls cost money too.

                        Something many pet-owners-to-be fail to anticipate.

7. -->Cost from DEMAGE.

It is not a gurantee that your new pet will not have elimination issues or scratching habits. I have lost furniture, breakable photo frames, ornaments, bowls, landscaping, my favourite clothes etc etc. One of my cats has an elimination problem and while living with my parents her habit badly demaged the wooden lamination flooring. It now looks cracked and bloated. I feel really bad for my parents but I can't afford to change their wooden flooring for them. Do not bet on trainings and sprays, they may not work. Count your possible demage first and see if you can take the pinch.

Doesn't she look like an angel when she's not shredding stuff?

So before you go buy that cute fur ball at the pet shop, consider if you can really afford to have one. Having to give up your cat because you can no longer afford it sucks; for both you and your cat! On the other hand, if you know that the expenses are within your budget and you are prepared to spend all these or more, having a cat as a pet can be one of the most satisfying things in the world. While we are on this topic, may I suggest a shelter cat if you do intend to get one?


What's up, Tolgrie?

Happy Kitties and a Skratch

Shernie is back home! Yay. Total bill is around $1000 but the worries did not end at the vet. Nothing conclusive come out of it and Shernie was allowed to discharge because she started to eat and the vet was able to press pee out of her bladder. I have been told to monitor her at home to ensure she eats, pees and poos. My only choice was to separate her in another room. How else will I tell if she is peeing and pooing? Shernie was not happy. She was so excited to be finally home and I did not let her play with friends. 36 hours after coming home, Shernie finally pooed and was set free upon her friends. She's now back to her playful, greedy self.

Ultrasound and drip left Shernie with a pretty bad fur cut though    

While we are at it, we might as well give Shernie a lion cut. It'll cool her down and she can cut down on three quarters of the cleaning time. She will probably look like this --->

This is not Shernie but a random cat with a lion cut

 Taffy has also recovered with her blue eyes back to their full glory. Oh happy day!

I now leave you with a skratch I did.