I love How To Train Your Dragon

For the first time in a long while, we made it home at like 5pm. After sending our laundry in, we set out to plan for a quite night at home with out fluffies. So it was that we went to hunt for some DVD to spend the evening with. We ended up home with a blu-ray How To Train Your Dragon and fell in love with it all over again. The first time we watched it was in the cinema and we were so stuck in traffic we missed a good 15 minutes of the movie. Now with out new Phillip 42inch LED TV, also new sound system and the blu-ray, we were set to go.

After dinner, we set out some snacks and drinks and to honour us with their presence tonight, we invited Shernie, Tolgrie and our new kitty Shadow that looks exactly ( and with as much attitude) like Toothless to join us. We can never have all the cats grace us at the same time in the living area because they will cause such a riot we will regret ever deciding to stay in. We are currently living in a rented house for one and a half years or so. It's a great place except the kitchen doesn't come with a sliding door.

Any hoo, after many minutes of chasing around we finally got the kitties clam enough to enjoy our movie while they plot their next moves. I don't know for sure but I'm pretty certain anyone who has had a cat before will agree with me that the dragons in this movie were definitely inspired by cats. Watch and count how many parallels you see with your kitty in Toothless's behaviour. Below is my list:

1) CATNIP: In the movie, there is a grass that the dragon go absolutely go gaga for. Give your kitty some catnip and watch his reaction. Now tell me if it's not exactly like what the dragon are doing in the movie.

2) EAR LANGUAGE: That what I call the particular sign language where your kitties communicate with you through the different positions of their ears. The perk up, the droop etc.

3) NECK SCRATCH: Dragons in the movie practically drop and fall asleep when someone scratches then under their chins. While not so dramatic, most kitties will start their purr engine and start to drift off to dreamland when scratched at the same spot.

4) ATTITUDE: Oh they can be very stubborn and insistent if they want to be.

5) TOOTHLESS: Remember the scene when Hiccup introduced Toothless and he opened his mouth and all the teeth sprung out? Well it reminds me of cats and their cute fat furry paws until they decide to show their claws on your furniture.

6) CHASING SHINY THINGS: Get a torchlight, switch off the lights and see your kitty go crazy.

That's all I remember at the moment. What else do you see? Are your cats afraid of eels?

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