Would you do this for Sweet Girl?

Due to my love for animals, especially cats, I actually know most of the community cats that live near my parents’ flat in their HDB estate. For easy reference, I’ve even named a few regular ones such as “Mr. Grey”, “Tuxi”, “Sock”, “Sweet Girl” etc.

The furry friends there are lucky to have an auntie that loves them and feed them daily at about 9pm. She also stays to watch them eat and clears up after them to prevent rats and other pets. This has developed into a bond where she is familiar with each cat’s temperament and range. She is also understandably pretty defensive about them. So I will not reveal my parents' HDB estate in this post to spare them (cats & cat lady) any heartache should case some crazy cat hater takes it upon himself to comes set traps for them or call them AVA to report the cats as nuisance. Don’t be shocked, there are people who are not willing to share this world with animals and will go to lengths to ensure them. I don’t understand why these people can’t just let them kitties live their lives! I can go on about intolerant people but not today. Today I talk about a little cat I call “Sweet Girl”.

Always a little shy

Everyday around the same time, you will see all the kitties start to hang out around the area where she usually feeds them. Sweet Girl is a shy, small sized cat that usually lurks further from the epicenter of things. She really sweet natured and super friendly with humans.  Sometimes I worry that she is wayyy too friendly. Her spot at night is behind a potted plant on the way to my parents flat and so I see her almost every time I visit my parents. 

Super cute with those giant eyes! You can't see the patches in such bad lighting and she hides during the day.

One night, I discovered that she has bald patches on her body and was scratching and licking a lot. She probably has mites. I decided that she does not look good and needed help. I went back to my parents’ place and came back down with cat food, water and a tube of Revolution. She was not hard to find since she is naturally friendly and has interacted with me a few time. I fed her cat food with water and squeezed the tube of Revolution onto the scruff of her neck. It is important to ensure Revolution goes onto the mid part of the scruff where the cat cannot reach when they clean themselves. It is an effective mite treatment for cats but a poison as well.

I left and recently when I visited my parents again, I saw her trying to go for a rat. She looks happy, healthy and most of the bald patches have filled in. I’m so glad for her. Hope she has many more happy years in her.

No good before and after photos as I only meet her at night and my camera is too shitty in that lighting. 

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