Lomography in the form of Diana f+ limited edition sahara set

I have just received the coolest present in a long time. A toy camera in the form of Diana f+!

Comes in a super cute giant bag

OMG! OMG! check this out!

 I got a limited edition Sahara set that come with:

1x           Diana F+ analog toy camera in the limited edition Sahara leather wrap
              (this is really nice cos toy cameras come with the cheap plastic feel and really don't
              cost that much last time so a limited edition case with a leather wrap seem like a treat)

1x           Lens cap
               (also in line with the Sahara theme with with the motif of two camels and in a sandy colour)

1x           Diana flash
               (in the sandy colour of the Sahara range as well)

2x           Flash adapter to allow the the Diana flash to be used on other cameras
               & other flash to be used on the Diana

1x           Full leather camera bag
              (the leather pouches must be my favourite and you can still use it with the 35mm back)

1x           Full leather flash pouch 

1x           Diana F+ book with the Sahara cover
              (all contents of the books in the Diana range are the same except for the covers,
              the limited edition sets have covers in line with their specific theme)

Love the explorer or Indiana Jones feel of it

It is fully analog and comes with so many functions and possibilites I can't wait to try them all out. I finished my first roll of negatives in the first day and went back to the shop to get it developed as I don't know which other shops in Singapore develop these special 120 medium films that the Diana use. To my dismay, it takes 18 days to get it developed because they got to send it to Taiwan?!? to get the films developed. That kinda sucks because I was so excited to find out how my first roll of films turned out. I have heard horror stories of nothing showing up on the first roll and I do not dare to load another film until I get my results. The film is quite expensive and until I know I am doing it right, I am not going to go spending the next 18 days shooting like crazy on these expensive films.

To make things easier, I also got the 35mm back that allows my Diana to use the normal films we can buy at most stores. I checked and I can get the films for $15 for a pack of 3 and $4 to develop them. So that's cool and until I get my hang on the camera, I going on a learning trip with the much cheaper film option. I heard that most high-end home printers come with software to convert my developed negatives into picture that I can further manipulate in photoshop. I do have a high-end printer so we shall see how that goes. The printing shop wants to charge me $6 bucks to convert negetives into a CD. Not too expensive but the expenses will add up.

All in all I'm super excited with my present and I have been shooting my cats non-stop. I expect many over-exposed shots since I keep forgetting I need to manually roll the film forward. I think there are frames in my first roll of film where I took 6 shots in the same frame. Oh-oh, we shall see what happens.

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