Shernie has been hospitalised

We brought Shernie to the vet as she continued to be unable to eat, even her favourite can of wet food. She was examined and some blood samples were taken from her to ran some test. Now she has a large bald patch below her right chin where they drew the blood. Ever the sweetest thing, she remained friendly to everyone but growled softly when the vet examined her near her abdomen and spine. Shernie NEVER growls! Ok she did but only once when we brought kitten Tolgrie home.

Happy times

Thank goodness all her organs seemed in order during the examination apart from the seeming discomfort near the abdomen. Best of all, the blood results were fine! Liver enzymes in the correct range, platelets wee bit low but might be due to transfer (phew), white blood cells ok. I was relieved. We were advised to bribe her with her favourite food and feed her by hand as she may be used to getting feed by hand by my parents. Shernie came home with a prescription of antacids and anti-inflammatory medication and a crazy bill to show for it.

Help! I don't print $$

We did everything we were told to. Cooked Shernie some fish and pounded the dried food and mixed it into a meal. All the kitties went crazy, Shernie just curled in a corner. Then things turn for the worse, she vomited some fluid. Shernie had to be quarantined in a room to ascertain if she ate, drank, peed or pooed. By the next day, she has done none. There was a moment of joy when she eat a few mouthfuls in the late morning. Then 10 minutes later, she vomited it all out. Super worried by now. Called the vet and was told to bring her in.

She was still hydrated and in good shape so it wasn't that bad yet. An x-ray was done to check for foreign bodies as Shernie had a history of chewing stuff. The x-ray promptly showed nothing. Nothing conclusive to be drawn. Since Shernie was unable to keep any nutrition down, the vet suggested putting Shernie on a drip and hospitalisation. It was deemed most important to keep Shernie's body condition strong in case she needed further treatment.

On the drip. Her right front paw is bandaged too because they tried to find a vein there and failed. =[

Shernie is currently being monitored at the vet and if she has not improved by late tomorrow morning, it is off to do the ultrasound. If that reveals nothing, it is open surgery to explore her abdomen. Gasp! Shernie and operation in the same sentence does not go down well with me.

Super fucking worried now!! Serve me right for choosing to become a cat parent! The moment your pets show sign of being different from their normal self, you get worried sick. You don't want to be that paranoid parent who bring your pets to the vet for every small little thing and in the process stress them out by being poked and prod for nothing. But do you want to be that parent who think to wait it out and finds out too late that it's something serious? Damned if you do, damned if you don't!

All I can do now is to pray for my little fur ball.

Please be your sweet, carefree self again

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