Happy Kitties and a Skratch

Shernie is back home! Yay. Total bill is around $1000 but the worries did not end at the vet. Nothing conclusive come out of it and Shernie was allowed to discharge because she started to eat and the vet was able to press pee out of her bladder. I have been told to monitor her at home to ensure she eats, pees and poos. My only choice was to separate her in another room. How else will I tell if she is peeing and pooing? Shernie was not happy. She was so excited to be finally home and I did not let her play with friends. 36 hours after coming home, Shernie finally pooed and was set free upon her friends. She's now back to her playful, greedy self.

Ultrasound and drip left Shernie with a pretty bad fur cut though    

While we are at it, we might as well give Shernie a lion cut. It'll cool her down and she can cut down on three quarters of the cleaning time. She will probably look like this --->

This is not Shernie but a random cat with a lion cut

 Taffy has also recovered with her blue eyes back to their full glory. Oh happy day!

I now leave you with a skratch I did.

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